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Description for The Themer by Mycolorscreen:
The nice thing about Android is which can influence you that is the look of your phone. You can choose whether or not moving backgrounds and add widgets through various launchers. They can give your phone to an iPhone or Windows Phone look.

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Who wants a step further is the website Here you can see thousands of examples that how people have changed their phone themes. By combining a wallpaper, various widgets and icons are created very beautiful interfaces. You can try these interfaces and also get on your own phone. Yet, you will not mind here what to tinker, you can create a beautiful, unique interfaces which will look very good on your phone.

To make things a lot easier to do the creators of the website now developed an app that allows you to browse on your phone. You have found these nice interfaces and then you can set it with one click! This app automatically sets the background, icons and widgets. The app is currently still in the beta phase and is not yet open to everyone. On the website you can sign up and you come face to face. Your turn is on the waiting list, you will get an activation code which will be sent you after sign up then you can start using the app. We have now a lot of them frolic it all seems to work pretty well though and despite because this is a beta app. So you want to customize your phone more than just sign up with the app for a new background screen or draw inspiration from the many examples of mycolorscreen.

What do you think about this Themer app or whether such application would convince you then it? Let me know in the comments!


Download Links:
Download Themer App from Google Play Store.............. Download Here
Themer by MyColorScreen Website Link....................... Click Here

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