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Jet velocity 2 is the futuristic route of the future Jet racing flash game. In this free flash game race involving three riders, you have to come first or second or third position then you find next stage.
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Game Description:
Talking Tom Cat is back with a new version. The talking cat got quite some fame and has become an international celebrity. In this game Tom Cat and his colleague dog looking like news readers. But they can't always get along. Click on one of the buttons below to let them fight to each other. You can also make yourself part of game with your webcam and mic.
Jungle Heat Game Description:
Jungle Heat has still a different look then Gameloft's Total Conquest. It has the same 'plastic' look, but in terms of animation runs well behind. It's all a bit stiffer. In terms of gameplay, Jungle Heat immediately a warm bath for those who already played Clash of Clans.
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