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Brothers In Arm Game Description:
"Put your helmet, grab your rifle and dive into First World War"
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Dots: A Game About Connecting Description:
Do you enjoy challenging puzzle games, then Dots definitely something for you. Dots is a simple game where you have to connect dots. The same color as possible The game is very nicely made with great attention to detail. It does all a bit simplistic, but it is just  the power of Dots. Within a minute, you know what the goal is, but you will be busy for a while before you get real good scores.
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Android Kit Kat 4.4:
The name of the next version of Android will be announced. All versions of Google's operating system named after candy and other sweets, and these name are in alphabetical order. The latest versions were called Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, and now so a name with a K on the turn. Remarkably, this version has been a brand name, ie KitKat.
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Pac-Man + Tournaments Game Description:
Namco for the first time in its history, laid out his classic Pac-Man for free - It is available on Google Play store free of cost. main part of the Pac-Man + Tournaments, of course, is the classic Pacman, but on top of it, developers have added many new chips - new power-ups are new mazes, online tournaments, weekly tournaments and even cash prizes in the form of real toys Blinky, Inkey, Pinky and Clyde.