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 Resolution: 240x320 | Format: JPG | Number of Wallpapers: 70
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Game Description:

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games for mobile phones where you had to firing on green pigs who stole their eggs. Angry Birds app makers now come with a new game Bad Piggies where precisely these pigs in the main stand. It seems only a matter of time before this game is a huge hit. If you played Angry Birds, it will all seem very familiar right away when you start Bad Piggies game.
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Description for The Themer by Mycolorscreen:
The nice thing about Android is which can influence you that is the look of your phone. You can choose whether or not moving backgrounds and add widgets through various launchers. They can give your phone to an iPhone or Windows Phone look.
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Game Description:
Dumb Ways to Die is a very funny game where you will need to ensure that stupid creatures do not die at all sorts of weird ways.
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 Ant Smasher Game Description:
All we ever, especially as children, we have become a nest near the fingers crushing the innocent ants that came from within. Now we are larger Android proposes a similar game, no real damage, called Ant Smasher.
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Wallpapers Description:

If you want to change the splash lock screen of your device, download this wallapers collection with a resolution of  480 by 800 pixels. A few examples can be seen on this page. All other wallpaper, 60 pictures are in the rar archive that can be opened in winrar application.
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Lep's World 2 Game Description:
Lep's World 2 download for Android - it's a clone of the popular Super Mario game. At its core, it refers to a genre of arcade game, perhaps even a kind of platformer game. It is almost entirely similar to that representative, but it is certainly the developers have added a couple of distinctive nuances.
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Lair Defense Dungeon Game Description:

Lair Defense Dungeon is called a Tower Defense game. All kinds of monsters trying to steal the dragon eggs and you should as a player for sure that they fail to persevere.